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Breathe for Change: Social-Emotional Learning in action


A Foundation grant allowed Colleen Atallah, an elementary Humanities Teacher on Special Assignment, to become trained through the "Breathe for Change" Wellness program as a Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Atallah has helped students and colleagues improve their ability to cope and manage stress, allowing them to become better learners and teachers, respectively. Learn more about the Foundation or donate at

Previous Grants

2022        Grant Award: $13,206

  • Strong Voices Project: Library Diversification (VIDEO)

  • Gardening Club at Iroquois School (VIDEO)

  • Break Out EDU for Rogers Middle School (VIDEO)

  • Breathe for Change 200-hour Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator and Yoga Teacher Training (VIDEO)


2021       Grant Award: $58,225

  • Supplemental Games for Decodable Texts to Support the Science of Reading (VIDEO)

  • Diverse Toys for Kindergarten

  • World Music Drumming (VIDEO)

  • IHS Fitness Center Upgrade/Design (VIDEO)

2020       Grant Award: $32,832 

  • Mini-one Electrophoresis

  • Active Pens in Physics

  • Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Router (VIDEO)

  • Rain Gear for Helmer Nature Center


2019        Grant Award: $10,358

  • iPads to Enrich the Learning of English Language Learners

  • Q-Interactive: Digital System to Administer, Score, Record Psychological Assessments

  • Breakfast Club for “at risk” group of Grade 7-8 learners

  • Micro:bits Programmable Coding Computers


2018         Grant Award: $14,174

  • Providing Choice & Engagement via Independent Readers

  • Sphero SPRK + Power Pack for Education (VIDEO)


2017        Grant Award: $19,157

  • Entering Kindergarten Summer Program

  • Interactive Flat Panel for Special Education Classes

  • Enhancing Science Instruction through Virtual Field Trips

2016        Grant Award: $25,120

  • Nazareth Performance Series

  • STEM in Ful Day Kindergarten


2015        Grant Award: $12,262

  • Link Crew Training

  • iPads for Counseling

  • Kiln for Art Program


2014        Grant Award: $72,321

  • Digital Drawing Boards

  • K-6 Summer Lab Transportation

  • Fitness Center Innovations

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2013        Grant Award: $110,700

  • Distracted Driving Simulator

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2012        Grant Award: $103,238

  •  Successful Snowshoeing

  •  iPads to Help Students with Disabilities Grow Academically and Emotionally

  •  iPad for Learning

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2011        Grant Award: $41,000

  • Nook E Readers at Iroquois and Rogers Schools

  • Dedicated/Installed Multimedia Projector (IHS Aud)

  • Boardmaker Studio: Adaptive Software Upgrade

  • Digital Video Camcorder

  • Major works Composition and Composer-in-Residence Commission

  • Physics Lab Update

  • WindTamer Turbine


2010        Grant Award: $32,000

  • Mimeo Interactive Board

  • Enhancement of Texas Instrument Navigator System at Dake Jr. High

  • ELMO document cameras for classroom instruction


2009        Grant Award: $30,370

  • Flip cameras for elementary school students

  • Digital video mixer to create video productions

  • Video data projectors for classroom use

  • Technology updates for Performing Arts


2008        Grant Award: $23,572

  • ELMO document cameras for IHS math, IHS English and elementary classrooms

  • Texas Instruments Navigator System for Dake math classes

  • AV Rover system with ONFinity technology for IHS special education classrooms


2007        Grant Award: $40,785

  • Interactive classroom media equipment for Dake social studies classes

  • Programs to support the goal of a Regents diploma for all students

  • Photography equipment for IHS art classes

  • Graphing calculators for IHS math classes

  • SMART Board for IHS math classes

  • Animal skeletal models for the Helmer Nature Center

  • Grand piano (final payment)

2006        Grant Award: $26,603

  • Data Collection Probes

  • Digital Video Server

  • Digital Imagery Equipment for Brookview School Website and Electronic Newsletter

  • What a Relief! (Map, That Is)

  • Teleprompter for the Dake Morning Show

  • Grand Piano


2005        Grant Award: $27,647

  • Lab Pro Science Equipment for Dake Junior High classrooms

  • Grand Piano (partial)

  • Dake Junior High Morning Show

  • Parent –Educator Resource Library

  • Non-linear Digital Video Editing System

  • What a Relief! (Maps That Is!) for the Helmer Nature Center

2004        Grant Award: $22,553

  • Video Data Projection systems for student instruction & staff development

  • Humanities gallery

  • Portable stage shared by K-3 schools

  • Digital wireless weather station with web cam

  • Digital equipment for IHS Art Department


2003        Grant Award: $28,040

  • Full Stage Acoustic Shell (partial)

  • Mastering Math A

  • Iroquois School Data Projectors

  • Climbing to Peak Performance climbing wall extensions

  • Anatomical Models for Instructional Support

  • Madrigalia Concert & Symposium (partial)

  • MPEG Multicast Network Streaming


2002        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Full Stage Acoustic Shell (partial)

  • Sensation and Perception Story Book

  • Data Projectors for Instructional Support

  • Stereo Microscopes

  • Non-Linear Digital Video Editing System

  • K-12 Visual Art Reference Library


2001        Grant Award: $30,000

  • Physical Science Kits

  • Wireless Mobil Computer Lab

  • Doubling Our Efforts in Math A


2000        Grant Award: $19,000

  • Elementary Summer Math Lab

  • NYS Social Studies Begins with Technology

  • ED Tech Cart


1999        Grant Award: $18,720

  • English Language Arts summer tutorial program

  • 3 Flex cams for scientific inquiry during lab projects

  • Groundwater Simulation Program

  • 6 ECOLOG 5 Probeware Data Logging Systems

  • Resource Room technology purchase for updated equipment


1998        Grant Award: $12,500

  • 2 Banks of wood bleachers

  • Electric Winches for Main Court Backstops


1997        Grant Award: $33,500

  • 221 Cooper Road Project


1995        Grant Award: $20,000

  • Home to School: The Literacy Link

  • Kids Institute at Dake

  • Dake School Music Center


1994        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Computers for Peak Performance

  • Mathematics, Reading and Writing Technology

  • Promoting Mathematics and Reading Outcomes through Computers for Grades 2/3

  • Computer Bulletin Board System

  • Operating Seismograph Instruction

  • Communications System for Video Production

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1993        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Math Computers in Elementary 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms

  • Video projector at Middle School level

  • School’s Out Contractors

  • Irondequoit High School Library Automation

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1992        Grant Award: $30,000

  • Operation Complete Instruments

  • K-3 Math Manipulatives

  • Dake Library Automation

  • Day with a Scholar

  • Interactive Multi-Media in Science

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1991        Grant Award: $30,000


1990       Grant Award: $25,000

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