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Learning is fun: Phonics games helping students!


Seneca elementary teacher Catherine Cushman and two students, Mohamed and Amine, showed us one of the phonics games that was purchased with a 2021 grant from the Foundation. One is a card game similiar to "Uno" using words and colors on each card. Another game with a spinner that lands on letters builds more reading skills. Teachers Lori May and Liz Lawson were also grant authors with Mrs. Cushman. 

Previous Grants

2021       Grant Award: $58,225

  • Supplemental Games for Decodable Texts to Support the Science of Reading (VIDEO)

  • Diverse Toys for Kindergarten

  • World Music Drumming (VIDEO)

  • IHS Fitness Center Upgrade/Design (VIDEO)

2020       Grant Award: $32,832 

  • Mini-one Electrophoresis

  • Active Pens in Physics

  • Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Router (VIDEO)

  • Rain Gear for Helmer Nature Center


2019        Grant Award: $10,358

  • iPads to Enrich the Learning of English Language Learners

  • Q-Interactive: Digital System to Administer, Score, Record Psychological Assessments

  • Breakfast Club for “at risk” group of Grade 7-8 learners

  • Micro:bits Programmable Coding Computers


2018         Grant Award: $14,174

  • Providing Choice & Engagement via Independent Readers

  • Sphero SPRK + Power Pack for Education (VIDEO)


2017        Grant Award: $19,157

  • Entering Kindergarten Summer Program

  • Interactive Flat Panel for Special Education Classes

  • Enhancing Science Instruction through Virtual Field Trips

2016        Grant Award: $25,120

  • Nazareth Performance Series

  • STEM in Ful Day Kindergarten


2015        Grant Award: $12,262

  • Link Crew Training

  • iPads for Counseling

  • Kiln for Art Program


2014        Grant Award: $72,321

  • Digital Drawing Boards

  • K-6 Summer Lab Transportation

  • Fitness Center Innovations

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2013        Grant Award: $110,700

  • Distracted Driving Simulator

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2012        Grant Award: $103,238

  •  Successful Snowshoeing

  •  iPads to Help Students with Disabilities Grow Academically and Emotionally

  •  iPad for Learning

  • West Irondequoit Innovations and Interventions Initiative


2011        Grant Award: $41,000

  • Nook E Readers at Iroquois and Rogers Schools

  • Dedicated/Installed Multimedia Projector (IHS Aud)

  • Boardmaker Studio: Adaptive Software Upgrade

  • Digital Video Camcorder

  • Major works Composition and Composer-in-Residence Commission

  • Physics Lab Update

  • WindTamer Turbine


2010        Grant Award: $32,000

  • Mimeo Interactive Board

  • Enhancement of Texas Instrument Navigator System at Dake Jr. High

  • ELMO document cameras for classroom instruction


2009        Grant Award: $30,370

  • Flip cameras for elementary school students

  • Digital video mixer to create video productions

  • Video data projectors for classroom use

  • Technology updates for Performing Arts


2008        Grant Award: $23,572

  • ELMO document cameras for IHS math, IHS English and elementary classrooms

  • Texas Instruments Navigator System for Dake math classes

  • AV Rover system with ONFinity technology for IHS special education classrooms


2007        Grant Award: $40,785

  • Interactive classroom media equipment for Dake social studies classes

  • Programs to support the goal of a Regents diploma for all students

  • Photography equipment for IHS art classes

  • Graphing calculators for IHS math classes

  • SMART Board for IHS math classes

  • Animal skeletal models for the Helmer Nature Center

  • Grand piano (final payment)

2005        Grant Award: $27,647

  • Lab Pro Science Equipment for Dake Junior High classrooms

  • Grand Piano (partial)

  • Dake Junior High Morning Show

  • Parent –Educator Resource Library

  • Non-linear Digital Video Editing System

  • What a Relief! (Maps That Is!) for the Helmer Nature Center

2004        Grant Award: $22,553

  • Video Data Projection systems for student instruction & staff development

  • Humanities gallery

  • Portable stage shared by K-3 schools

  • Digital wireless weather station with web cam

  • Digital equipment for IHS Art Department


2003        Grant Award: $28,040

  • Full Stage Acoustic Shell (partial)

  • Mastering Math A

  • Iroquois School Data Projectors

  • Climbing to Peak Performance climbing wall extensions

  • Anatomical Models for Instructional Support

  • Madrigalia Concert & Symposium (partial)

  • MPEG Multicast Network Streaming


2002        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Full Stage Acoustic Shell (partial)

  • Sensation and Perception Story Book

  • Data Projectors for Instructional Support

  • Stereo Microscopes

  • Non-Linear Digital Video Editing System

  • K-12 Visual Art Reference Library


2001        Grant Award: $30,000

  • Physical Science Kits

  • Wireless Mobil Computer Lab

  • Doubling Our Efforts in Math A


2000        Grant Award: $19,000

  • Elementary Summer Math Lab

  • NYS Social Studies Begins with Technology

  • ED Tech Cart


1999        Grant Award: $18,720

  • English Language Arts summer tutorial program

  • 3 Flex cams for scientific inquiry during lab projects

  • Groundwater Simulation Program

  • 6 ECOLOG 5 Probeware Data Logging Systems

  • Resource Room technology purchase for updated equipment


1998        Grant Award: $12,500

  • 2 Banks of wood bleachers

  • Electric Winches for Main Court Backstops


1997        Grant Award: $33,500

  • 221 Cooper Road Project


1995        Grant Award: $20,000

  • Home to School: The Literacy Link

  • Kids Institute at Dake

  • Dake School Music Center


1994        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Computers for Peak Performance

  • Mathematics, Reading and Writing Technology

  • Promoting Mathematics and Reading Outcomes through Computers for Grades 2/3

  • Computer Bulletin Board System

  • Operating Seismograph Instruction

  • Communications System for Video Production

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1993        Grant Award: $25,000

  • Math Computers in Elementary 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms

  • Video projector at Middle School level

  • School’s Out Contractors

  • Irondequoit High School Library Automation

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1992        Grant Award: $30,000

  • Operation Complete Instruments

  • K-3 Math Manipulatives

  • Dake Library Automation

  • Day with a Scholar

  • Interactive Multi-Media in Science

  • Continuation of Alumni Courtyard Project


1991        Grant Award: $30,000


1990       Grant Award: $25,000

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